Calé Fragranze D'Autore

Pop up store opening in Milan, April 2019

The temporary shop will be open during the annual exhibition Esxence 2019, in Brera district, Milan.

In Via Madonnina 17, in the very heart of niche perfumery area, a new door will be open during the fragrance week: the pop up store of Calé Fragranze d’Autore, the Italian brand created by Silvio Levi in cooperation with international fragrance creators.

From Wednesday the 24th of April we welcome you to discover not just the perfumes of the collection, but to live an unforgettable multisensory experience.

The Eau de Parfums are accompanied  by the original soundtracks composed by Philip Abussi. Thanks to the connection between smell and hearing, the story that inspired the composition takes form in the listeners’ mind, in a very personal way. It will be surprising to discover that the emotions evoked by this perfect association are linked to the inspiration that originally gave birth to the fragrance.

A unique experience that adds value to the olfactory perception and invites to enter a new fragrance dimension, that involves and touches the soul in an authentic way.