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A single voice draws on the fundamental notes of the background to stand out loud and clear and create a story of its own. This is the solo, or Assolo in Italian, an individuality that draws energy and vigor from the chorus, rising up spontaneously from many masteries to become virtuoso and then blend back into the group.

Size: 50 ml spray
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Nose: Maurizio Cerizza, Silvio Levi

Olfactory Family & Notes

Olfactory Family: Citrus Floral Woody
Head Notes: Lime, Apple, Artemisia
Middle Notes: Marigold, Jasmine, Reseda
Bottom Notes: Teak, Cedarwood, Musk

When the whole gives strength to the single and vice versa. A single, natural and happy voice rises from the choir. It hovers without contrast and then returns to quietness, until the next joyful virtuosity.

Silvio Levi

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