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Reassurance, vertigo and unexpected new horizons. Sottosopra takes you on a road that halfway makes you find yourself unexpectedly upside down, and in the end gets you back to the starting position. Space takes on new dynamics, revealing other and new dimensions. Slowly the usual references disappear and seem to float freely, the sense of freedom expands more and more, makes you feel an exuberance that is almost vertigo, and then reveal new comfortable olfactory geometries. A desire for lightness and absolute independence. Conventions can change with surprising and joyously disruptive results.

Nose: Arturetto Landi, Silvio Levi
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Size: 50 ml spray

Finding yourself suddenly upside down and feeling comfortable. Reassuring notes of sparkling citrus and mint bring to an undefined and unexpected space, where you can get lost, and then discover a safe harbour made of incense and wood, unusual and welcoming.

Silvio Levi

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