Calé Fragranze D'Autore
The Story & The Author

The Story

Words become Perfume

Words, suggestions and memories inside an essence. The inspirations of Silvio Levi became the notes of an ideal diary, a collection of ideas shared with perfumer friends that gave birth to instant and spontaneous olfactory poetry.

An adventure made of passion, friendship and love for the perfumes that have involved up to now, the compositional genius of Maurizio Cerizza and Mark Buxton.

It is surprising to discover how easy it is be to empathize the stories, how to feel part of it, because the perfume language does not have anything to envy about music, poetry or painting.

We are astonished by the emotions that the perfume can transmit; real and intense sensations, touch in the soul.

We discover that the first words that come to mind belong to the narration that gave birth to the fragrances, without any conditioning regarding the olfactive pyramid.

The accent is always on top of the fragrance, this is why a true “red accent” is the distinctive graphic element of the Italian brand.

The Story
Silvio Levi

The Author

Silvio Levi graduated in chemistry, worked as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry until 1995 when he left the sciences to join the management of his family business where he became the President of Cale Srl; a Distribution Company established in 1955, and the owner of different shops in Milan.

Silvio Levi is one of the leading experts in Artistic Perfumery. He has been the co-founder of meetings such as Fragranze since 2003, Masterpieces from 2005 to 2008, and Esxcence (The Scent of Excellence) in Milan since 2009.

He is the owner and co-creator of each of the fragrances by the brand Cale Fragranze d’Autore.

Silvio Levi