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The Brand

With authentic passion and a great respect for the Art of Perfume, Silvio Levi has created a collection of olfactory narration addressed to people who love listening to perfumes and being involved by their stories and magic.

From words to perfume

As a narrator he “translates” his stories together with renowned Master Perfumers and thanks to an intense and passionate collaboration, authentic friendship and reciprocal respect, perfumes come out to be tasted with your nose and your mind as well. These involving and emotional fragrances open doors on fascinating worlds and invite you to be part of their immediacy and spontaneity.

From perfume to words

“Let’s smell a perfume” Silvio Levi says “with no preconception regarding its ingredients or the tales that inspired it. It will be surprising to discover how easy it is to empathize with the stories and to feel part of them, because the perfume language does not have anything to envy to music, poetry or painting: it communicates real emotions and can touch your soul”.

“Listen to” Calé Fragranze d’Autore can evoke unique sensations and you will realize that most of the time the first words that come to mind belong to the text that gave birth to the fragrances.


The accent is always on top of the fragrance, this is why a real “red accent” is the distinctive graphic element of the brand. Every detail of the packaging is extremely accurate, like the red ribbon put by hands around the cap and the “telegraphic stripe” of paper wrapped around the bottle which reports the story that inspired the fragrance.