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Calé Fragranze d'Autore multisensorial experimentation doesn’t stop in order to offer you a more and more immersive perfume experience. Thanks to the innovative hexanaural technique its musical pieces have been reworked, reaching a degree of realism never achieved before.

Perfume is the strongest teleportation system we know and it has the power to evoke images which will become even richer and more surprising if accompanied by the hexanaural sound.

The music has been created by Philip Abussi (co-founder of Mokamusic), the creator and artistic director of the acoustic project developed especially for the occasion. Abussi, already known for having composed the original music and sounds for Calé’s signature fragrances, has reworked the two pieces of music "Roboris" and "Libera Mente", choosing to use one of the most innovative and immersive technologies in the global market:
the hexanaural.
Thus, the collaboration between Calé, Mokamusic and Sound6D was born.


Roboris announces the rain that is going to fall on hot sand and sun-baked plateaus, bearing new life and prosperity. It’s the Nature greatness, whose strong and vigorous spirit permeates everything.

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Libera Mente

Libera Mente is an olfactory meditation taking us to a peaceful garden, protected from a a chaotic city. Pebbles, islands and bridges on the sand suggest water, but it never appears. Immediately we feel an irrepressible desire to get in harmony with everything around us.

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