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Methods of payment

​​​​​​​Every payment by the Purchaser may be made through:
Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)
Online credit card transactions are made directly on online payment service’s website,
via a secure server. Your credit card will be charged at the time of invoicing and
shipping of the ordered goods available and no surcharge will be charged for payment
by credit card.
All communications relating to payments take place on a special online payment
services provider line (Stripe) protected by appropriate encryption and cryptography

Bank Transfer - Registered to Calé srl, Agenzia Banco Desio e Brianza SpA - Ag.n.13
Milano - Iban: IT65 E034 4001 6000 0000 3006 800 Please send us a copy of the
bank transfer via email at; goods will be shipped only after crediting of
the amount. 
In case of immadiate bank transfer your order will be processed in a shorter time.