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From perfume
to music

From the meeting between Silvio Levi, creator of the brand, and the composer Philip Abussi of Mokamusic, a multisensory experience was born that enhances the olfactory perception and invites the public to experience a new expressive dimension of perfume: a original soundtrack that tells, both spontaneously and faithfully, the emotions that inspired the birth of each essence. Listen to all songs

The origins of the project

In a first phase, Silvio Levi asked Abussi to note the sensations he felt in savoring each fragrance, offered to him anonymously, without knowing the name, the briefing or the ingredients. So, and only then, Silvio Levi revealed the peculiarities of the perfumes and told him about the inspirations. To his great surprise, Philip Abussi realized that he had perfectly grasped every message and enthusiastically joined the project of translating the olfactory story into music.

The composer's original soundtracks were gradually modified in successive comparisons until reaching the final stage, in which Silvio Levi exclaimed: “Here we are, this is my story!”.

The simultaneous stimulation of smell and hearing gives greater emotional impact to the experience that is being built in the listener's mind, in perfect synergy with the brief that gave rise to the perfume and subsequently to its musical piece.

The collaboration between the art of perfume and music has thus become a characteristic of the brand that will be maintained for each new fragrance and will give life to new multisensory and highly emotional experiments.

Silvio Levi says: "It is extraordinary to watch those who smell a perfume with their eyes closed while listening to the corresponding song through headphones. One senses that he is seeing something. Facial expressions change because music enhances the olfactory perceptions and allows, in an even more authentic way, to savor the beauty that Calé Fragranze d’Autore creations are able to communicate ".

Beyond the two-dimensional sound: the hexanaural sound

To further enrich the fruition of fragrances, Philip Abussi reworked the two musical pieces of Roboris and Libera Mente, using one of the most innovative and immersive technologies in the global market: the hexanaural.
It is the overcoming of every previous binaural recording technique, guaranteeing a very high degree of realism in the reconstruction of the acoustic scene, thanks above all to a revolutionary microphone called 'Cocleo', which manages to capture the surrounding reality with absolute precision.
The exanaural was conceived by Pierpaolo Guerrini, historical 'sound engineer' of Andrea Bocelli, together with Lando Santerini, musician and entrepreneur, and by prof. Federico Faggin, known physicist and Italian excellence in the world. This is how the collaboration between Calé, Mokamusic and Sound6D was born. Listen to the songs in hexanaural sound


Liberamente Hexanaural

Libera Mente is an olfactory meditation taking us to a peaceful garden, protected from a a chaotic city. Pebbles, islands and bridges on the sand suggest water, but it never appears. Immediately we feel an irrepressible desire to get in harmony with everything around us.

Listen to the soundtrack

Roboris Hexanaural

Roboris announces the rain that is going to fall on hot sand and sun-baked plateaus, bearing new life and prosperity. It’s the Nature greatness, whose strong and vigorous spirit permeates everything.

Listen to the soundtrack