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From perfume
to music

When Silvio Levi met the composer Philip Abussi, a new synergistic collaboration was born in a multisensory experience that enhances the olfactory perception and invites the visitor to experience a new expressive dimension of perfume.
Abussi was invited at first to write down the sensations that he felt smelling each fragrance that he received in a blind way, without knowing its name, its briefing and its ingredients.
Only at a later stage Silvio Levi revealed him the fragrances’ particularities and their inspirations. At that very moment the composer realized with great surprise that he exactly got every message that each perfume wanted to communicate and he joined with enthusiasm the project of “translation” from the olfactory narration into music.


His original tracks were modified in follow-up meetings thanks to a sincere and constructive exchange of ideas until they arrived to the last stage when Silvio Levi exclaimed enthusiastically for each piece of music: “That is my story!”.
The simultaneous stimulus of the sense of smell and hearing gives more emotive impact to the story that comes up in the mind of the listener, consistently with the briefing that gave rise first to the perfume and later to its piece of music.
The collaboration between the art of perfume and music is now an essential feature of the brand. Many musicians have been involved in the recording room in an exciting, collective creative moment. This experience will be part of each new fragrance and it will give life to new, involving multisensorial experimentations.

Silvio Levi says:
“It’s extraordinary to look at someone who is smelling a perfume with his eyes closed and at the same time listening to the perfume’s corresponding track through headphones. You realize that the person is seeing something and the facial expressions change, because music intensifies the olfactory perception and it enables to savor even more authentic the beauty of the message expressed through each perfume by Calé Fragranze d’Autore.”


Liberamente Hexanaural

Libera Mente is an olfactory meditation taking us to a peaceful garden, protected from a a chaotic city. Pebbles, islands and bridges on the sand suggest water, but it never appears. Immediately we feel an irrepressible desire to get in harmony with everything around us.

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Roboris Hexanaural

Roboris announces the rain that is going to fall on hot sand and sun-baked plateaus, bearing new life and prosperity. It’s the Nature greatness, whose strong and vigorous spirit permeates everything.

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