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Sottosopra won the minority Niche Perfumery Awards (mNPA) 2020

The creator and owner of Calé Fragranze d'Autore, Silvio Levi, announces proudly that Sottosopra was one of the winners of the minority Niche Perfumery Awards (mNPA) 2020. The perfume has obtained the prestigious award in the Best Independent Niche Perfumes category, the unique fragrance of an Italian brand to have been selected among the finalists of the competition. The award ceremony took place on December 27, 2020 in the city of Shanghai.
The minority Niche Perfumery Awards (mNPA) are the only event in China that is in charge of awarding a pize to the best fragrances belonging exclusively to the artistic perfumery sector and are co-sponsored by Firmenich, the largest perfume and aromas company in the world, based in Geneva.