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Sottosopra - Eau de Parfum

SKU CA0-11-051
Olfactory Family: Woody Amber
Subolfactory Family: Water
Gender: Unisex

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    In Sottosopra the use of different olfactory geometries, lively and spicy, but also watery and rarified, distorts the perception and leaves space to a disorienting void, an apparently absent, an oniric dimension that attracts you to float freely in it. The warm bottom notes are so welcoming that they draw selfconfidence, they add substance and outline a safe port. That’s a homey olfactory place which arouses reassuring, protective sensations where you can loosen up.
    Walking along a street that seems endless. You suddenly find yourself upside down and then you go back to the same spot… like the Moebius strip. That surface that you get when you rotate one end of a band by 180 degrees and you link it to the other one. If you start walking around the path, once you have finished the first round you find yourself overturned as if there was no gravity and the space all around you had different dimensions. References become labile and your certainties disappear, your sense of freedom encreases and you feel an excitement that seems dizziness, but it is also a lightness dream and total independence. Dream is reality and reality is a dream, in a continuous flow that is new every time. Everything becomes possible and the desire of daring becomes compelling and generates joyous euphoria. So don’t get scared of things that in the reality are not unusual, rules can be changed. When you let go, you can see the world under a new and really interesting point of view. Going on with no fear, towards a wonderful unknown.

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